Our products are designed to help the oil and gas industry comply with ever-changing emission regulations and public perception of our industry. Tank emissions can cause nuisance odors, safety issues and the possibility of heavy fines from the EPA and local officials.

Patent US20170158391A1 Storage Tank Hatch Liner

About the Hatch Liner

The hatch liner repairs the sealing surface of a thief hatch base, giving the pressure gasket a smooth surface to seal to.

Made of 304 Stainless Steel (not aluminum) Sturdy Construction Conforms to Base Contours  

Why a Liner?

The slightest flaw in a base leaks gas

Watch Demonstration Video

Simple installation during routine maintenance, about 1 minute

Watch Installation Video

Hatch bases go bad — pits, cracks, dings, corrosion

Springs and gaskets will not seal off


Fraction of the cost of a new base

No additional tools required

No Confined Space Permit required for installation


Success Stories

1. A producer in mid michigan had been recieving odor complaints from sour low producing wells. They had already serviced the hatches(springs, gaskets, cleaning, ect. ) The ownerselected to install liners on this set of tanks themselves(quick and easy)

Result: The next morning the operator/guager called the owners and said “What did you guys do? these tanks are all pressured up!

 Conclusion: By simply installing the liner the hatches sealed properly. Later it was determined that the flame arrestor was restricted.


Current Models

HRL-1-1 (fits Enardo 660L)
HRL-1-2 (fits Enardo 660)
HRL-2-1 (Jayco JT8)
Other Models on Request

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The hatch liner repairs the sealing surface of a thief hatch base, giving the pressure gasket a smooth surface to seal to.

1. Clean

Clean base, all oil, particles, moisture, etc. must be removed from base surface.

2. Apply Adhesive

Apply adhesive to bottom groove of the hatch liner (We usually use Loctite 5900) and place it onto the base. Turn slightly and at the same time apply a little pressure.

3. Close & Lock

Close top and lock the hatch, this will help keep the hatch liner centered and have equal amount of pressure being pushed onto it.

About Hatch Mate

Founder, Jeff Schunk, has been addressing emissions/odor issues in the oil & gas industry for over 30 years. Current regulations have prompted him to focus his efforts on developing products that will reduce emissions. These products are designed to help producers comply with current as well as future environmental regulations/concerns.
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Hatch Liners
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